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AV Sales + Installation

Film Set

If you're in the market to upgrade the AV and PA equipment in your church or small to medium venue, then let us help you with easy-to-operate systems that anyone can operate.


We can install TVs, audio equipment, livestreaming cameras and video mixers, PA speakers, amplifiers, wireless microphone systems, as well as easy-to-use multi-media playback solutions.

Forget all of the other AV guys who install complex, expensive systems that are overkill for your venue....we take the time to discuss what you need now, what you will need in the future, and design a system that is not only simple but also comes with a diagram and photo filled instruction manual, tailored for your system, making it easy for anyone to operate it.

We install and configure to give you the best-sounding and best-looking system that fits your budget.


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